If you are interested in adopting one of our puppies READ ALL of this page to understand how our adoption process works and what is expected. 



​​​​Notification List

If you are interested in getting a Chapman puppy you will need to be on our notification list. We always email our notification list when we have updated the website with available puppies or when we are accepting deposits on upcoming litters. We don't often have puppies available on our website for long. They are typically adopted quickly once we email out our list. If you would like to be put on the Notification List email us through our form on the Contact US page.


Deposits are taken first come first serve as people respond to the notification list email about our upcoming litters. The deposit is non-refundable and is a holding fee for your pick of the future litters. Deposit holders make their picks in order of deposits received. I email each deposit holder in order of deposits received and they are given 24 hours to make a pick of the available puppies or pass. If you pass on the pups you say on our list and wait for the next litters, often your deposit will move up the list if others before made their picks. Deposit holders don't make their picks of the puppies until they are 3-5 weeks old. Picks are not made in person as the pups have not been vaccinated at this age. Clear video and pictures are provided on each puppy to help aid in the picking process.  We often have puppies come available that were not picked by deposit holders. The notification list is emailed out about these puppies. I can't guarantee a puppy's mature size and weight. My weight estimates are based on weekly weight gain as well as parents' and siblings' adult weights. A deposit will be refunded if there is an issue of health with your puppy while in our care. Deposits are $500 and hold a puppy until pick up at 8+ weeks of age or hold your place in line for pick. The $500 is NON-REFUNDABLE once placed as it is a holding fee for your pup and shows your commitment to this puppy. We accept Check, Zelle, or Venmo for deposits on our puppies. Checks must be received and cleared in our account at least one week prior to pick up. If final payment has not been received and you are picking up your puppy we only accept cash as payment NO EXCEPTIONS. You can pay for your puppy in full any time before pick if that is your preference. If we are holding a puppy for you past the pick up date we require puppies be paid in full by 8 weeks of age. If we are holding a puppy past 10 weeks of age we charge $100 a week for boarding.

Visiting Puppies

For the health and safety of our puppies, we do not allow visitors to see the puppies until they have received their first booster shots from our vet at 8 weeks of age. Puppies are much like newborn babies and rely on the immunity of their mothers and safety of our home to protect them from harmful viruses or disease they can contract being brought in from unknowing visitors. We understand this is inconvenient for those wanting to make their pick in person and understand if this causes you to go elsewhere to find a puppy. We respect your decision. But the safety of our puppies comes first as we also owe it to the other families waiting on their pups to keep the litter as safe and healthy as possible. This precaution is advised by our vet and we take it seriously.

Puppy Pricing

All our puppies are priced at $2500. Our Price is not only a reflection of the quality of our puppies but also the love and care put into raising and socializing our pups from birth till they go to their new homes. We do not charge more for a specific color or gender.

Shipping - Flight Nanny

We do not ship our puppy's cargo. We have a Flight Nanny who will fly to your nearest airport and deliver your puppy to you. Flight Nanny prices vary but are typically between $400-$1200. During holidays pricing is typically $1000-$2000. If you live out of Arizona you can also drive or fly to pick them up in person. We can personally deliver pups to our airport, Phoenix Sky Harbor, and meet you at the bagage claim doors. This helps make quick return flights easier.

What We Look For In Our Puppies

Conformation & Build: A very square and robust pup with perfect bite, closely folded ears, and strong; rectangular head is going to be the pick of the litter and what we try to breed for. Nothing about a mini should feel toyish when you hold them although they are small but should feel solid and compact. Some people confuse weight with size. A very toyish dog that is light in build and bone structure may only weigh 8-9 pounds but still be as tall as a standard Miniature Schnauzer at 12”. Where as you can have a “Toy” schnauzer that is only 9” to 10” in height but still weighs 10 -12 pounds. This would be a dog that in toy in size but carries the integrity of the breed and is robust in stature NOT TOYISH.

Size: The standard for the Miniature Schnauzer, as listed on the American Miniature Schnauzer Club is 12” to 14” and weighing between 11 and 20lbs. The term “Toy” and “Teacup” is used to describe dogs that are smaller than the breed standard of 12” or 11 lbs. Our adults all average between 9 – 19[[]ilbs. We target this weight because we have a lot of people that inquire for dog they can fly with and your larger minis are over the limit for airlines. We do not guarantee size, just because they are the smallest at birth does not mean they will not grow to be the biggest (this happens often). We will give an estimate based off of previous litters and the parent’s size.

Color:Our dogs carry for all the colors the Miniature Schnauzer comes in. We get puppies in the standard colors black, black and silver, and salt and pepper. These three colors are the only ones recognized in the show ring. We also have puppies in the liver or chocolate color, Liver pepper, chocolate and tan, parti, and white variations. Yes we do have some puppies that are flashier than others but none of these colors are “RARE” as some claim them to be. They are not hard to produce and shouldn’t require you to pay extra. To see examples of all the Schnauzer colors check out our Schnauzer Color Page.

Coat: Because the schnauzer have Terrier, Affenpincher and Poodle mixed in their background their hair comes in a variety of different forms. We try to concentrate breeding stock with the super plush soft straight or wavey coats, not curly. These are actually easier to brush and don’t matt the way the typical schnauzer coats do. We also have show bred schnauzers that have hair not quite as dense but equally soft. We personally prefer the soft super plush coated Schnauzers. There is less maintenance in brushing and mats. They are visually more striking and full without grooming. This is the premium coat we breed for. The pictures below depict the difference between thin, normal and dense coated schnauzers. You can see the difference in the legs. A super dense coat doesn't need brushing or products to stay full looking like a show dog for weeks. Everyone has their preferences some prefer thiner coats to the super full heavy dense coats but this is visually the difference.


We accept Check, Zelle, or Venom for deposits on our puppies. 


What Our Puppies Comes With

All our puppies go to their new homes freshly bathed and groomed with a one-year health guarantee against genetic defects. They will be examined by our vet and you will be provided with their shot record and schedule for future vaccination. They will be microchipped and come with their microchip registration. Puppies will have tails docked and dewclaws removed, ears are left natural. Your puppy also comes with their own Folder full of info on their current vaccinations, future vaccinations, spaying/neutering, training, grooming, feeding, ect. A copy of their parent's AKC pedigrees will be included. ALL PUPPIES ARE SOLD ON LIMITED REGISTRATION CONTRACTS AS COMPANIONS NOT TO BE BRED. If you would like to register your puppy through the AKC you must let us know before you take them home at 8 weeks. If you request, we will provide your puppies AKC registration papers AFTER you send us proof of spay/neuter at 6+ months of age. Also included in their binder is the standard for the miniature schnauzer's grooming chart.

*The puppy pack includes a variety of chews and toys as well as a week supply of their current puppy food (Only Natural Pet Max Meats Lamb & Whitefish). We litter box train our puppies (like a cat) so that potty training is an easier transition and they come to you with clean habits. Our puppy Pack includes a bag with the paper pellets we use to help you transition your puppy into their new routine and help prevent accidents.


Food & Treats

It's important with Miniature Schnauzer to pay attention to the fat content in the brand they eat. We try to keep the fat content of our dog food between 10-14% for our adults. We feed our adults Eagle Pack Small Breed, andOnly Natural Pet MaxMeat Air-Dried Lamb & Whitefish Schnauzers are prone to gaining weight, diabetes and pancreatitis are more likely to develop in over weight dogs. 

The many health issues are caused by what your feeding your dogs. Dry dog kibble is at the very bottom of the list for what's actually healthy and in balance with what the dogs body is built to digest. The dog food industry has no regulations.  Much of what is put in the majority of kibbles is not meant to be processed by the dogs digestive system. Dogs are very resilient and their body's tolerate a lot.  This doesn't mean there aren't hereditary issue that could come from genetics. But a lot of issue come from what we feed them. Weight issue, allergies, cancers, bad teeth just to name a few. Please click on this LINK to read an article that talk more about kibble and the effect it has on your dog. Lots of vets ARE NOT educated on dog food brands and sell brands because corporations advertise to them. We feed our pups  Only Natural Pet MaxMeat Air-Dried Lamb & Whitefish 

I advise owners to add in dog approved, fresh foods to their dogs dry kibble as treats. DONT FEED THEM MORE PROCESSED TREATS from the store. Fresh caught water packed sardines are a great treat. Feed your pups one a day OR intermittently as a treat. Or give them fish oil pills once a day, I get the big double pack of fish oil pills from Costco and my adults all get one everyday and love them. The benefits to their health are huge! Fish oil contains Omega-3 fatty acids that are important to pet neuromuscular development, skin health, and coat quality. I also like blueberries, apple slices, carrots, green beans as treats. Also the MaxMeat Air-Dried Brand we feed our dogs has a CHICKEN and BEEF line they have a litter higher fat content so I don't feed them full time to my dogs like the lamb, but I feed them the jerky style food as treats. Its air dried so its an easy training treat to have on hand as well. Think how much store bought "treats" cost and the majority are harmful or not adding to the health of your pet. For less cost the treats I’ve mentioned are PACKED with nutrients that improve the health, build the immunity of your pet, and can help make up for a lot of nutrients that is lost when kibble is processed and baked. Click on this LINK for a list of what natural foods you can and can't feed your dog. 

*We understand that adopting a puppy is a serious commitment and ask that you strongly considered the responsibility and expense of adopting a puppy before you proceed. Puppies are a life commitment that required attention, patients, and love. The time you put into your future companion will be reflected in the type of dog they grow to be. So be ready to take on this commitment because they will be devoted to you. That being said we try to set you up for success with the socializing we do with our puppies so they come to you balanced and ready to learn. The stipulations on the notification list, deposits and payments is to create an organized, structured, and fair system for all parties involved and to protect against those who would be deceitful.