Roxie is doing GREAT! She is so smart and as cute and sweet as can be. She has slept all night from day one and is learning new things every day. She is an absolute joy!



If you're considering a new puppy, you've found the perfect people to work with. Josh and Kayla are amazing people that do phenomenal work raising puppies and ensuring their new owners are very happy with their latest addition to the family. 
Last January, we lost our family dog and began looking for a new puppy. We had completed some online searches but it wasn't until we received a wonderful recommendation from our local vet that we found Chapman Schnauzers. Our Vet commented on the health of the adult dogs, responsibility of the owners and the amazing care the puppies receive. 
We contacted Josh and Kayla to learn more about their process. We were placed on a wait list for the next litter of puppies from Bella and Loki. We were promptly notified that puppies were born and were lucky enough to get to choose a little baby girl we named Sidney. Over the course of 8 weeks, we received several updates including pictures of Sidney. We appreciated that they used her name because she was already recognizing it when we picked her up to bring her home. Prior to leaving with Sidney, we received a book with care instruction as well as her current food. The care package was just what we needed to take this little bundle of joy home.
Over the course of the last year, we have been exceptionally happy with our choice of choosing a puppy from Chapman Schnauzers. Sidney loves her bath time and haircuts which I personally thank Kayla for because she takes her time grooming the puppies not to make it a stressful situation. We continue to keep in touch with Chapman Schnauzer’s and send them updated pictures. We love watching the other litter mates grow up as well.
I would personally recommend anyone that is looking for a miniature schnauzer consider buying a dog from Chapman Schnauzer. Thank you Josh and Kayla for taking the time and putting in the effort with each dog to give them a great start in life! Think about it, your future puppy will be the next addition to your family.



Ginger & Bonnie


Baxter & Rosie

Past Puppies






Kaya & Chester



Oscar - Echo


My family has always rescued dogs from shelters... older dogs.  But for my daughters 15th birthday we promised her a puppy. We had never bought a puppy before and didn't know what to look for in a breeder.  So I did some research and called a number of  breeders in CA, AZ, MI, and NV. When I received my call back from Kayla at Chapman Schnauzers  I immediately  knew she was the only one I was going to adopt from. Yes, her website was amazing.  But it was her hands on sweet approach, her willingness to answer my bazillion questions that made me realize she was the perfect breeder for our future family member.  She sent me many videos of my boy Baylor from as early as day after he was born. Kayla kept me posted so I was able to have a relationship with Baylor right from the beginning.  I got to watch him grow and saw all the different milestones a newborn schnauzer goes through before I ever met him. One of the very special things Kayla does to socialize the puppies is that from day one she gently handles them each daily. This makes them extrem ely trusting and comfortable  receiving human touch.   She loves every puppy like she is gong to keep them for herself! 

Chapman Schnauzers was the only breeder who invited me to see where the puppies where raised and actually encouraged me to come and meet the siblings as well as the parents.  Kayla's confidence in her dogs and in her detailed training techniques and medical records made me feel 100% secure. (Baylor was actually potty trained when I picked him up. Can you believe that!) Baylor is magical little guy, and has a variety of childlike voices... he even says no! He immediately developed an inseparable bond with my other dog.  Everywhere I go people comment  how Baylor he is the cutest puppy they have ever seen and I am so proud to pass along the Chapman Schnauzer name. Thank you Chapman Schnauzers for this wonderful addition to our family.... we couldn't have asked for a more perfect puppy.... I know with Jetta and Jagger being the  mom and dad all 10 of their puppies are equally as special. My 2 sisters,  neighbor and best friend are already waiting for another litter.  And needless to say when it is time to add to my family I know exactly where I will go.  As a former world champion athlete I have learned to pay attention to detail and every detail about Chapman Schnauzers is World Class!!!!!!!!

 ~Cory Everson (6 X Ms. Olympia)


Bandit (Marley/Loki pup) almost 10 months old. Love his soft, chocolate colored fur. Super funny puppy.



If you are looking for a new addition to your family from a reputable, caring, and loving household Chapman Schnauzer is for you. I seriously had a wonderful experience when adding Emmie-Kiwi Eyes to my family. The puppy was extremely healthy, cute, handled, and absolutely adorable! I remember the first night I brought K iwi home. I held her like a baby on her back and she fell asleep. Kiwi was comfortable on her back and easily trainable.  The Chapman family made me feel like family and allowed me to take the time to pick the puppy right for me. I sat in their family room playing and bonding with the puppies until Kiwi bit my toe, then I knew she was the one. The Chapmans went above and beyond to prepare me for this new puppy. The Chapmans explained the need for veterinary and shot check ups, teeth and nail care, and ways to keep Kiwi happy and healthy. Thank you Kayla and Josh, Kiwi is the light of my life and I love her so much! ~ Vikki


Princess Lilly


Lexi & Jace


 Flynn is doing great.  My daughters named him after the movie "Tangled".  His full name is Flynn Ryder Pascal, named by my 4 yr old! He is a great puppy, still very active and playful and is a great playmate for my daughters.  He is crate trained and has been pretty easy to train.  He is still a little energetic at times but I am know he will settle down as he gets older.  He has been very healthy.  My 7 yr old daughter just loves him and they are a great pair, he sleeps with her occasionally.  He rides in the car a lot with us to and from school, goes to the park with us and plays outside with the girls a lot, he tolerates them putting him in their play house and carrying him all over, pulling him around in wagons, etc..  He has stayed chocolate colored with the white/tan undercoat.  ~ Amy

​Located in Arizona, Breeder of Miniature Schnauzer Puppies


Bentley is (a previous Bella Loki pup). He is two years old now and has such a wonderful calm disposition!! We got him 6 months after we got married and he has been such a wonderful addition to our little family. He was so easy to train, loves to snuggle, and is super friendly. My husband and I feel blessed to have a Chapman Schnauzer!! 



Jordie Jo! She is definitely a sweet, loveable, girl who loves to cuddle. She is feisty and loves to play with her friend, Peanut Butter!

Cooper & Coco Jo





Dorathy & Gladys



This is Brody. He is a Jetta/Jack puppy and is 4-1/2 months old. He is learning very quickly and absolutely loves going for rides in the car. He is our ray of sunshine!!! Love him to pieces.

Our Bella (I call her Bella-Roo) is a Jetta and Jack baby. Aside from being absolutely stunning, she is so affectionate, smart, and is beyond loving with our 8 year old son ( he's definitely her favorite). I could go on for days about how wonderful she is. She has far exceeded our expectations, and rather simple to train. You produce beautiful babies, with a very high intelligence level. We are so grateful we found her<3 





Ellie & Zoey






Kenzie is a well rounded girl. Very lovable and loves to play and dance around on her hind legs. She sits and shakes and is eager to learn new tricks. She loves the whole family!

Jordie Jo

This is my moon doggie, Luna. He is a Marley/Loki puppy and brother to Ellie, Bandit, Moxie and Cody! He is the sweetest creature I have ever shared my life with, and we love him to pieces! He is my sunshine. At almost 10 months, I think he's the big guy of the litter at 15 pounds. BTW... How did he get on that bed!


Bomber & Gunner



The Chapman Schnauzers are some of the best. Ellie is the sweetest, most intelligent, friendliest dog I've ever had. She is such a joy and I know this comes from the excellent breeding and the time Kayla takes to raise each puppy as if they were to stay with her forever.





- My very handsome Cooper (13 lbs, 16 months old, liver & tan, Marley/Loki pup). He is the very best boy and has a calm, sweet, loving, and thoughtful disposition. When we take him to the doggy park he thinks he is the sheriff and must maintain law and order. Love him to the moon and back. I call him my delicious, sweet chunk of chocolate love.
- My beautiful, Coco Jo (13 lbs, 14 months old, black parti, Roxy/Jeter pup). She is such a fun little girl and has a fondness of fetch, birds, and lizards. But she makes sure we don't forget that she is first and foremost our royal highness princess, diva, baby doll. She will stop what she is doing to pose for pics at every opportunity. Love her to the moon and back


Chapman Schnauzers are fantastic breeders! Josh and Kayla make sure that everyone who adopts one of their pups has a great experience from beginning to end. When we visited the house, we could tell how much they loved their animals and how much their animals loved them. They are very knowledgable about the schnauzer breed and are more than willing to answer any questions you have. When we purchased Baxter, they made sure to keep us posted with videos and pictures of him growing up. Living in another state was never an issue; communication was always open no matter where you lived. Once the puppies are big enough to leave, Josh and Kayla send each puppy to their new home with a “puppy kit” which includes items like pee pads, toys, chew bones, etc. We loved that they included a binder full of information about the breed. We enjoyed the process so much that we ended up purchasing Rosie a year later. If you are in the market for a fantastic breeder, we highly recommend Josh and Kayla to everyone!                                   

  ~ Christine