I named this adorable girl Pork Chop as she came out twice the size of our normal pups at birth and is ahead of the curve in life already being almost 3lb at 4 weeks. She is a Singleton(the only pup in her litter) which means in utero and out she got all the nutriance and hasn’t had to share with anyone. She is a healthy THRIVING girl to put it shortly! I adore Pork Chop she has such a fun personality blossoming, spunky and playful and so sweet!! She’s gotten some extra loving being the only pup around here so shes extra calm in your hands and likes to pure and growl at you when you cuddle with her. She’ll stay in your arms calm all day if you hold her and then be ready to play when you put her down. Perfect balance. She’s a brave girl, loves to check everything out, not timid nor hyper. Easy going, affectionate, and playful. A perfect blend. She would make a great service dog with her temperament also. She is superbly built hardy robust, thick neck, solid top line. Correct brick head, sturdy rear. And a super soft plush coat. Her markings will continue to get lighter and she will have white legs and mask at maturity. She is going to be a BEAUTY when she all grown and a large miniature I see her making 19-20+ she will be a head turner for sure! Their is no flaws in this pup, she is just superb in all aspects❤️ She is ready for her new home at 8 weeks on 1/29/18 or later. she’s priced at $2500 SOLD

Roxy & Denver

Due February

Double ​Champion Grandsired Litter

Expected Colors: Black & Silver, Dark Salt & Pepper 

Scout & Denver

Pork Chop 

Babs & Jack

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Due February

Champion Sired Litter

Expected Colors: Black & Silver, Salt & Pepper 

Due March

Small Miniature/Toy Size Litter

Expected Colors: Liver, Liver & Tan, Liver Parti, White Chocolate

Due February

​Champion Breeding

Expected Colors: Black, Black & Silver

Upcoming Litters
Hayley & Jack
Jetta & Slade
Oakley & Gus (AKC Champion)

Due February

Triple ​Champion Grandsired Litter

Expected Colors: Black,  Black & Silver


Due February

Small Miniature/Toy Size Litter

Expected Colors: Black & Silver, Liver & Tan, Salt/Liver Pepper, Parti, White

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Coco & Denver

Due February

Small Miniature/Toy Size Litter

Expected Colors: Liver, Liver & Tan, Liver Parti