Our Ladies

Chapman's Snowbell

Hayley is a stunning girl! She comes from top notch breeding with many champion titled dogs in her pedigree. She is a hearty solid girl. Very square, nice straight topline and built like a tank! She has a super full coat, beautiful beard and furnishings. Hayley alwasy looks like she head to the show ring after a groom. She such a stunning girl! She's great with my kids and obsessed with balls. Loves to fetch or just horde them. She is a very attentive mother and makes absolutely stunning puppies. The most incredible thing is that her puppies seem to all come with carbon copy personalities. They are all even energy, curious, playful, and respectful. We usually always have a hyper pup and super mellow pup in each litter but her babies always have perfect carbon copy personalities. Hayley weighs 17 Pounds.

Chapman's Little Trooper (Scout)

Chapman's Jetta Baby (Jetta)

Chapman's Third Times The Charm

Miss Hayley

Chapman's Foxy Roxy

Jetta is our super smart and proper lady, she doesn't think she is a dog. She has such intelligence that you feel like your looking at a person when you look in her soulful eyes. She has a very mellow temperament and is very in tune with what people want from her. She is super smart not the type of dog you have to give commands to just tell her what you want and she does it willingly. She is SUPER loyal and hates to disappoint us in anyway. She has very strong willed and intelligent babies. Her pups do best in homes with strong leaders, they are very intelligent and loyal. Personaly this is my favorite temperament especially for trainability. Jetta is solid black and carries for liver and white. She stands 14" tall and weighs 15 pounds.

Chapman's Annie Get Your Guns (Oakley)

Bella was also bred here at Chapman Schnauzers and is a  sister to Roxy and Scout. She is a beautiful White Chocolate, pictures don't do her justice. She very intelligent and sweet girl like her mother Jetta. Bella has very strong Schnauzer traits, being very loyal and protective of her home and her humans. She LOVES affection in any way she can get it. Will cuddle with you for hours and always encourages you to rub on her tummy! Bella loves to fetch and will constantly bring me her toys to throw. She is always wanting to please, is submissive and attentive to what is asked of her. She is my shadow were ever I am. She sleep next to my side of the bed, sits at my feet if I'm sitting, will climb in my lap if I'm on the floor.  She stands 14" tall and weighs 13 Pounds.

This is miss Oakley named after Annie Oakley.  So many great things to tell about this girl. She has a easy going personality not ruffled by new dogs or  people. She's just a friendly lady. She has a perfect build, very square, straight top line, and feels like she's made of concrete wile still keeping a trim figure. Her hair is phenomenal, straight, soft, a so plush. Her legs stay beautiful like she's in the show ring from one grooming to the next without maintenance.  She's also our professional bird hunter, if they fly in the yard she is after them! She's a great mother very attentive to her babies and passes her great trait onto them! She is a dark Salt and Pepper that carries for chocolate. Oakley weighs 14lb.

Roxy was bred right here at Chapman Schnauzers and is a daughter of Jetta and Jagger and a full sister to Bella. She is owned by my brother and his family. She is typical salt and pepper schnauzer. Roxy has the flashy phantom markings that makes for an overall stunning package with superb conformation, great bite, and a very full and soft coat. Everything we look to breed in our puppies. Roxy is a very inquisitive and friendly girl. Loves to play with the other dogs and thrives off affection. She is a great watch dog and has alerted her family before when someone was climbing into their yard in the night! True to the schnauzer traits Roxy is a very intelligent and always willing to learn and please.  She stands 13" tall and weighs 13 Pounds.

Chapman's Foxy Roxy

Charm was bred right here at Chapman Schnauzers and is a daughter of Hayley and Jeter who is now retired. She is a compact robust built girl. Proper brick face with nice tight ears. She's very square and right at 10 Pounds. Charm is our alert system nothing gets by her. She's very sweet and loves our kids. Charm is a superb mother, very maternal and just adores her babies. She's calm so patient. She has a typical full coat. Charm is a black and silver with the bright marking but she has greyed out a bit and is a dark steal grey color now. We have been so VERY pleased with the puppies Charm gives us. They always have solid nerves, well tempered, and hardy built. Just all around stunning pups like their mom. 

Scout is a sister to both Bella and Roxy and like her sisters she is such a beautiful girl. She is a Liver (chocolate) Parti. She has a beautiful super plush coat that is super easy to brush. She like all our heavy coated adults doesn't mat like the typical schnauzer. She can go over 2 weeks with out brushing and have no issues getting a comb through it! Scout has a very playful personality, she love playing with the puppies and is a great mother. She is more timid and reserved when she doesn't know someone but once she warms up she's a super fun and playful girl. Scout is built nice and square but also lean.  She's not a chow hound like most schnauzers and regulates eating on her own, she should never have weight issues! She weighs 12lb

Chapman's Foxy Roxy