Jack is a striking black and silver boy. He is a solid, robust, and superbly made Miniature Schnauzer. Perfect brick shaped head and soulful eyes. He has a beautiful gait and super full soft furnishings and beard. Very solid and robust in build. Jack has superb puppies, throwing his build, coat and temperament to them. Jack comes from some of the best breeding, over 11 Champion titled dogs in his pedigree  (2 of which are his parents) and champion titled litter mates. On top of all this Jack is just a super big love bug, always wanting attention and affection. He is a very sweet tempered boy very patient with our kids. He isn't yappy nor aggressive, just a sweetheart! He weighs 19 Pounds.

Meet Denver, he's named after the John Denver song, Rocky Mountain High as he came to us from Colorado. This stunning boy is the result of years of waiting for everything we wanted in one package and he is all we wanted and more. Sweet as sweet can be not a mean bone in his body. Loves people and other dogs. Nice square solid build. He comes from non fading dark chocolate lines and is a liver & tan color. He has a superb coat, super full straight and non matting! His first puppies are carrying all the qualities we love about him in temperament, build, and coat we couldn't be more pleased with this handsome boy!  He carries for Parti and weighs 11.5lb.

Our Gentleman

Slade is such a breathtaking boy with a presence. Anyone who sees him is drawn in by what a beautiful Schnauzer he is. Slade has a stunning headpiece, an amazing beard with soulful eyes. Hardy and robust in build with a straight top line. He has a phenomenal coat, very dense and easy to brush. And the best part about him is by far his temperament. Nothing less would be expected from his impressive champion breeding. He is a very loyal companion, not timid and so willing to do anything you ask of him. Very smart boy, loves to fetch and play. Above all he'd cuddle all day with you if you'd let him. He has impressed me so much since he was a pup and only continues to now that he's grown. Not a bad thing to say about this boy and so impressed with his puppies. He weighs 16 Pounds.

Chapman's Back In Black

Chapman's Rocky Mountain High 

Mr. Jack

Meet Gus, this handsome light salt & pepper boy is an AKC Champion! And boy can you tell he is superbly bred just by watching him strut around. We added Gus to our program with the intent to eventually cross him with our Jack daughters. Bringing the best in conformation and temperament to his puppies. Gus is a social boy and likes to always have his nose in anything going on (he is very much a ladies' man). He is everything we want in our puppies, stunning head, hardy and robust(19lb), nice straight toppling, and beautiful tail set. And of course lots of hair and a stunning head and beard. His puppies are proving to be everything we hoped for with solid minds, bold personalities, and playful energy.